Vampire FaceLift
Your Beauty Revived
Vampire FaceLift
Your Beauty Revived

Vampire FaceLift – Your Beauty Revived

Are the signs of aging starting to show on your face?  Signs of aging that can often make you look older than your true age.  The great news is that you can help reverse the signs of aging with the Vampire FaceLift offered at Med Spa on the Green.

The Vampire FaceLift addresses many different signs of aging, unlike other facial treatments.  While surgical facelifts help fix sagging skin, they usually do little to help the loss of facial structure or natural plumpness that is lost with older age.  Fillers can help fix wrinkles but often result in a less natural effect.  The Vampire FaceLift addresses both of the top issues with aging skin.

Top 3 Signs of Aging:

  1. Dull, greying skin due to decreased blood flow
  2. Facial shape starts to droop and collapse due to (natural) collagen loss
  3. Texture of skin becomes bumpy & is no longer smooth

How Vampire FaceLift Works:

The Vampire FaceLift uses a nonsurgical method to utilize growth-stimulating components in a patient’s own blood.  This encourages new cell production and rejuvenation in the desired area.

Why Get the Vampire FaceLift:

If you desire looking younger but aren’t ready to go under the knife, the Vampire FaceLift is your solution.  This outpatient treatment will make your skin glow like you’re young again.

Vampire Facelift


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